Golden Visa

Explore the benefits of Greece’s Golden Visa with Euro Visa Advantage. We help you navigate the investment process and ensure a smooth path to your permanent residency in Greece.

Investor's permanent
residence permit

Golden visa is granted to any third country citizen who purchases property within any region of Greece with a total value of €500,000 or €250,000 and above, depending on the area selected valid for five years and able to be renewed.

We have at our disposal a large list of properties from which one can choose what interests him and meet his criteria and we undertake the whole process to grant him the Golden Visa easily and quickly.

The person who obtains the Greek Golden Visa has the right to reside continuously in Greece for the entire period of the residence permit, travel to other Schengen zone member states for up to three months every six months, have access to healthcare and education services (the same as all Greek citizens have access to) and travel freely to and from Greece until the expiry date of the Golden Visa. Also, the Golden Visa holder has the right to lease the property purchased in Greece and not be physically present in Greece but take advantage of the benefits the golden visa provides.

Get your Golden Visa
in Greece

The Greek Golden Visa program is one of the most attractive residency-by-investment schemes in Europe.

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Applying for the Golden Visa involves a series of steps, starting with identifying a suitable property investment in Greece. Our team is here to guide you throughout this process, providing insights into the best areas to invest based on your personal needs and preferences. 

Once you have made your investment decision, we move on to preparing your application, collecting meticulously all necessary documents. We will keep you updated on your application status and, once granted, provide information on how to maintain and renew your Golden Visa. Trust in our expertise to make this process seamless and efficient.