Type C visa

Experience the breadth of the Schengen area with our Type C visa services. At Euro Visa Advantage, we simplify the complexities of your visa application to pave your way for an unforgettable European adventure.

Schengen Treaty visa

The Type C visa applies to the entire territory of the member states of the European Union subject to the Schengen treaty and is granted for transit through or intention to stay on the territory of the member states and its duration may not exceed 90 days in any 180 day period on the territory of the member states.

We undertake all the necessary procedures from the beginning to the issuance of the visa immediately and quickly.

Type C visa is valid for the entire territory of EU

The Type C visa is valid for the entire territory of EU that are party to the Schengen Treaty  not exceeding 90 days.

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Our Type C visa service begins with a detailed consultation to understand your travel plans. We provide guidance on the necessary documentation, application forms, and deadlines. We assist you in completing your application to ensure its accuracy and completeness.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures your application adheres to the requirements of the Schengen Treaty member states, increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome. Even after your visa is granted, we remain available for any further support or advice you may need during your travels.